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Condominium Reserve Accounts

Condominium Reserve Accounts vs. “Statutory Reserve Accounts” For a condominium community, the best way to prepare for that inevitable expensive repair is to have a reserve fund. Otherwise, when those big ticket repairs need to be made – like replacing roofs or concrete areas – there will be no money to pay for them, and […]

Wisconsin Condo Law and Smoking

Wisconsin law prohibits smoking in the common areas of all condominiums. Newly built condominiums can relatively easily prohibit smoking also in individually owned units, although enforcing a smoking ban in privately owned units can be challenging. Adding a smoking ban to private units in an established condominium is a stickier problem. For example, one condominium […]

The Risks of Using Stock Legal Documents

Thinking of using stock legal documents to save money? It is now easier than ever before to obtain a wide variety of legal documents online. These stock legal documents may be templates with blanks to be filled in or examples of completed documents. Stock leases, contracts, wills, and other documents can all be found online […]