Estate Planning

Should I Consider Estate Planning During a Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has us on edge. We've been forced to face our fears, whether it's the fear of becoming ill, losing a business or livelihood, or having to spend time alone. With all the anxieties and unknowns weighing heavy, it might feel…
Charging interest selling business
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Selling a Business Using a Promissory Note: Do You Have To Charge Interest?

Businesses are bought and sold often. But for the business owner who sells, it could be a one-time event and the most significant of their career. Of course, one of the big concerns for a seller is getting optimum value for the business. Selling…
FHA Condo Approval Process

FHA Condo Approval: Adding Value for Your Community

How do you add value by getting FHA condo approval for your community? The Federal Housing Administration will insure mortgage loans by lenders that make a loan for the purchase of a residential condo, if the unit is in an FHA-approved condominium…
WI condo reserve accounts

Condominium Reserve Accounts

Condominium Reserve Accounts vs. "Statutory Reserve Accounts" For a condominium community, the best way to prepare for that inevitable expensive repair is to have a reserve fund. Otherwise, when those big ticket repairs need to be made –…
Wisconsin Condo Law and Smoking

Wisconsin Condo Law and Smoking

Wisconsin law prohibits smoking in the common areas of all condominiums. Newly built condominiums can relatively easily prohibit smoking also in individually owned units, although enforcing a smoking ban in privately owned units can be challenging. Adding…
stock legal documents

The Risks of Using Stock Legal Documents

Thinking of using stock legal documents to save money? It is now easier than ever before to obtain a wide variety of legal documents online. These stock legal documents may be templates with blanks to be filled in or examples of completed documents.…
Wisconsin Companies in Litigation

Wisconsin Companies in Litigation

A few years back, a candidate for President caught some flak when he said “companies are people.” Ignoring the context in which he made that statement, he was right. A corporation or limited liability company cannot do anything on its own,…
WI public benefit corporations

Wisconsin Now Recognizes Public Benefit Corporations

About Wisconsin Public Benefit Corporations On November 27, 2017, legislators in Wisconsin passed a law creating a category of business corporation identified as a benefit corporation, to be found in Chapter 204 effective February 26, 2018,…
Breach of contract lawsuit
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What happens with a breach of contract?

  Enforceable Contracts Protect You Mark Twain said: I have signed a lot of contracts in my time and at some time, I probably knew what the contracts meant, but six months later everything had grown dim ….  From one person to the…
Trusts and Trustees

What is a Trust? Do I need one?

What is a trust agreement? A trust is a legal entity that is separate from the individual or individuals who created it. A trust is created by a document called a trust declaration or agreement. A trust agreement is made between the creator…