Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Why Do You Want a Trust?

There are different kinds of trusts, and the each serve different purposes. Trusts can be created to:

  • Transfer assets without probate
  • Distribute family wealth
  • Establish ongoing financial assistance for children, family members who are disabled or incapacitated, or even pets!

Trust Types

Revocable or Irrevocable Living Trusts are managed by the trust creator while they’re alive. One difference between the two is in the creator’s ability to modify the trust once it’s been established.

Testamentary Trusts (sometimes called Trusts under a Will) are created to distribute all or part of a person’s assets upon their death. One Will can create multiple testamentary trusts.

Supplemental Trusts are a specific type of special needs trusts that provide benefits to individuals with physical, psychiatric or intellectual impairments. They’re called supplemental trusts because they augment Medicaid and other government benefits, instead of diminishing them.

Hiring a Wisconsin Trust Attorney

People ask us to be their Wisconsin Trust Attorney for different reasons. Some of the most common reasons people hire us are to:

  • Understand their trust options
  • Establish a trust
  • Administer a trust
  • Modify a trust
  • Dispute a trust
  • Litigate a trust
  • Serve as a trustee

As long as you are a Wisconsin resident, we can help with all your trust needs! You’ll have the advantage of our rich experience when you work with Bartelt Grob as your Wisconsin Trust Attorneys.

We handle the full-spectrum of trust needs. We can help ensure that your wishes are fulfilled exactly as you intended.