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Real Estate Law

Clear Contracts Simplify Complex Real Estate Transactions

Every real estate sales transaction is unique – and some present formidable challenges. Even in what appears to be a simple situation, review of your real estate contract will minimize the chance of unpleasant surprises later. But where our legal expertise really becomes valuable is in the complex real estate transaction:

  • Properties with zoning restrictions or easements
  • Properties with a “history”
  • Transactions involving multiple parties
  • Commercial, industrial or multi-tenant properties
  • Section 1031 exchanges
  • Properties with shared access to land, air or resources such as long-term ground leases or rights to use neighboring land
  • Waterfront properties
  • Special purpose properties

In these situations, you want an experienced Wisconsin real estate attorney who has been there before. We can help you gather facts about the property, provide advice about the best way to proceed, and make sure you have clean title, clear contracts and a smooth closing.