Commercial Leases

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

From both a practical and a legal standpoint, commercial leases are substantially different from residential leases. If you are a real estate developer, landlord, property management company, or a commercial tenant, our real estate attorneys can help you navigate the complexity of commercial leases and understand the allocation of risk and cost in various clauses and commitments.

Wisconsin Commercial Leases

Commercial leases differ from residential leases because they are impacted by:

  • Fewer tenant protection laws
  • Complex formats and clauses
  • Longer term
  • Upfront investment in improvements and location marketing
  • Accessibility issues including street access, parking lots and signage
  • Zoning restrictions

Real Estate Projects & Wisconsin Land Use Law

If you are planning a new building or development, land use, water, erosion control, and traffic control laws and regulations will apply. You may have to address zoning, building permits, subdivision requirements, driveway permits, conditional use permits, and variances. Where and how a businesses can conduct its business often requires a strategic approach, legal interpretation, and thoughtful timing. We may be able to help your prospective neighbors acknowledge that your project will add worthwhile value to the community.

If you are looking to acquire land rights for a renewable energy project, or to grant, acquire or understand a conservation easement or put land to a new use, our real estate attorneys are able to provide experienced counsel.