Renewable Energy Projects

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Real Estate Law

Experienced Renewable Energy Attorneys

Although more renewable energy projects such as solar gardens and wind turbine installations dot the landscape, they are not a typical use of land. These projects often involve multiple parties, sophisticated financing, tax credits and long-term contracts. We understand the challenges facing the renewable energy developer, the excitement and concerns of landowners and their neighbors, the regulatory environment, power purchase challenges, and local control issues. We have been involved in:

  • Agreements for land rights for large solar installations
  • Lease and easement contracts for wind turbines
  • Access easements and neighbor agreements
  • Mortgage financing by landowner and lease holder
  • State and local regulatory issues

Wisconsin Renewable Energy Initiatives

Our goal is to help Wisconsin renewable energy projects succeed by persevering in putting all of the pieces in place for productive, long-term sources of clean power. Wisconsin has a tremendous history of treasuring its abundant water resources, clear air and richness of soils and minerals. Developing more and reliable renewable energy generation, plus, storage innovations will help preserve Wisconsin’s famous natural resources and beauty. If you are working on the following we can help:

  • Large scale solar projects
  • Wisconsin wind turbine installations
  • Bioenergy conversion of manure and food waste

According to RENEW Wisconsin, the association promoting renewable energy in our state, Wisconsin has:

  • 192 solar companies capable of powering 21,000 homes
  • 435 wind turbines capable of powering 172,000 homes