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Business Law

Business Law

Ongoing legal counsel

Many companies aren’t big enough to employ their own in-house legal counsel, but they need ongoing legal advice on a wide range of issues. If this describes your situation, we can fill your need for a well-rounded business attorney who knows your business and will be available as issues arise. Ask us about an ongoing legal counsel arrangement for your company.

Proactive & cost effective

At Bartelt Grob, our business attorneys really get to know your business and your people. We learn your exposures, head off problems before they overtake your resources, and develop proactive, cost-effective solutions to the legal issues facing your business each week.

Our ongoing “general counsel” legal services are ideal for companies that are:

  • In relatively high-risk industries (construction, manufacturing, real estate)
  • Have significant asset protection needs
  • Growing or considering expanding
  • Frequently encounter unique situations
  • Have complex contracts and agreements
  • Want the security of having a dedicated legal team who understands the nuances of your business

Our business legal services provide you peace of mind without the fixed cost of hiring an in-house attorney. We are easy to reach, responsive, experienced, practical, and most importantly, our motivation is to see you succeed.