Buying or Selling a Business

Business Law

Business Law

How much is a business worth?

The classic answer is… whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

While we do not do business valuations, we can help you determine what about the business is valuable. We can also help spot and forecast concerns. In selling or buying an existing business, preparation and due diligence, respectively, is critical. Miscommunications are common.

We help you find the answers

Our business attorneys will guide you through the process, making sure you know:

  • Which assets are included with the sale?
  • Who is responsible for existing debts and liabilities?
  • Does the deal involve transferring real estate or assuming a lease?
  • How much inventory is in stock?
  • Are the financials accurate?
  • What intellectual property rights will be transferred?
  • What has been the business’s cash flow?
  • Are there impending events (like road construction, pending legislation or new competition) that might change the financial forecast?
  • Does the business have written operating policies and procedures?
  • Will the existing business owner stay on as a consultant or employee?
  • Will the existing employees and customers stay loyal to the business? Or will they move on with the former owner?
  • What contracts or agreements need to be updated?
  • What is the company’s culture and should it be preserved?
Let us help you ask all the right questions so you can determine if this is the right business acquisition or sale and price for you.