Legal Advice for Non-profits

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Business Law

Running your non-profit organization

Non-profit organizations are usually run by a well-intentioned board of directors who are often volunteering their time and talent for a cause they believe in. This is different than a board that is answering to owners (shareholders).

Organizations may also have paid staffers with varying relationships with the board. In almost every case, the organization operates with gifts, donations or grants from outside sources. All of these characteristics make for a different dynamic with non-profit organizations compared to companies with owners.

At Bartelt Grob, we want to see your non-profit organization serve its cause well, build and maintain an excellent reputation, and thrive for as long as efforts for the cause are called for. Unbiased, expert legal counsel can be invaluable to the long term health and service to the cause of any non-profit organization.

Wisconsin non-profit legal advice

As your non-profit’s legal advisor, our role is to be there with the information and advice you need as issues arise. We can help your organization be effective and credible despite challenges and unexpected changes wrought by others.  If court action is needed to determine a question or protect rights your organization stands for, our attorneys can carry out that litigation.

Officers and executive directors of non-profit organizations have fiduciary duties and can be held accountable for fund mismanagement, taxation mistakes and operational dysfunction.  We help you:

  • Establish your non-profit as a legal entity
  • Understand which tax exemptions and regulations apply to your organization
  • Stay in compliance with fundraising, accounting, privacy and health & welfare issues
  • Develop good governance procedures by establishing proper documentation, reports and operational policies
  • Become good stewards of your cause by developing your board of directors
  • Be a good employer

When it’s your mission to serve, it should also be your mission to see that your non-profit organization fulfills its purpose in the community gaining respect and credibility from volunteers, donors and grant funders, and potential volunteers and donors. Let our experienced Wisconsin non-profit attorneys provide you with the resources and legal advice you need.