Contract Attorneys

Business Law

Business Law

Avoiding legal disputes

Many of the legal disputes we see every day in our  law practice could have been avoided if the parties had:

  1. Created a written contract
  2. Studied and understood the contract terms
  3. Insisted on the use of a clear contract language
  4. Prepared for more

Your contract attorneys

We help our clients draft, review, understand, negotiate, and enforce agreements addressing:

  • Purchases
  • Leasing
  • Employment
  • Licensing
  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality
  • Professional services
  • Membership
  • Borrowing and security for loans
  • Co-ownership of businesses
  • Hiring a broker or distributor

Whether your business needs ongoing contract help, an occasional review or update or just assistance with a one-time contract, Bartelt Grob can fill the need. Our business contract attorneys are experts at translating unfamiliar legal jargon into plain English so you can make informed business decisions. Once you make a decision, we use clear language in your contract to make the agreement both understandable and enforceable.

Breach of Contract

Unfortunately, even when a contract is prepared with care and clearly written, sometimes one of the parties does not follow through on their end. Life happens (circumstances that could not have reasonably been anticipated interfere), or something turned out to be not as it seemed.  Breaches of contract and disputes do occur. Mistakes happen. And sadly, some people have bad intent.

In these cases, it’s vital you have a highly experienced contract attorney who also has experience with litigation. Our contract attorneys look for viable, practical solutions to minimize disruption and expense. When necessary, we will defend your rights through litigation, arbitration or mediation.